Foods to Avoid/Enjoy When Having Eczema

Studies indicate that roughly 35 million Americans suffer from the skin condition known as Eczema. Interestingly enough, 70-percent of cases are said to sit with children under the age of five. Doctor-prescribed medication — along with over-the-counter creams — are said to help with the symptoms. However, doctors have been steadfast in connecting one’s diet to the appearance of eczema.

If a toddler has eczema, there’s an approximated 60-percent chance that the toddler will continue to have eczema into adulthood.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Due to the fact that one’s skin becomes inflamed with eczema, it makes sense that anti-inflammatory foods would help to prevent the symptoms associated with eczema.

As such, eating salmon is a smart move. The fish has omega-3 fatty acids which work wonderfully to clear skin. Herring is another type of fish with similar properties. If eating fish isn’t preferred, there are omega-3 supplements that can be taken. This includes fish oil capsules, among other items.


Probiotics are said to be extremely potent when looking to ward off the annoying aspects of eczema. Fortunately, probiotics can be found in a number of foods that are consumed on a daily basis. Yogurt is a main staple within the probiotic realm. As a way to combine both probiotics and foods with antioxidants, a bowl of yogurt with blueberries would be a very smart double-whammy against eczema.
Aside from yogurt, other foods from underneath the probiotics umbrella consist of sourdough bread, tempeh, miso soup, pickles, and kefir. Kefir itself is a nice alternative to traditional milk or soda.

Foods With Antioxidants

There are a number of foods possessing antioxidants. Primarily, these foods are fruit and vegetables. Among them, the best in terms of being loaded richly with antioxidants include blueberries, spinach, kale, apples, broccoli, cherries.

All of these types of foods are packed with precious vitamins. They promote collective body health, as well as health within the skin.

Foods to Avoid

Of course, there are some foods which should be avoided. The consumption of these types of food could result in a spike of the symptoms associated with eczema. Foods with preservatives are especially dangerous for those suffering with eczema — as are foods jam-packed with loads of sugar.

As such, it would be wise to avoid the likes of candy, cakes, soda, and fried foods.

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