A Comprehensive Guide on How to Adopt a Pet

In the current day and age, pet adoption has been something millions of people have been participating in. The unconditional love of a pet is something precious. After a long day at work — or a rough experience — one knows that their pet will be waiting to greet them upon walking through the front door.

There are multiple ways in which one can procure a pet. This piece will break down the procedure on how to make the dream of owning a pet a reality.


PetFinder has become a very popular tool for those wanting to adopt a dog, cat, or other sort of animal. Essentially, it congregates all adoptable animals based upon the shelters/organizations in one’s zip code. By typing in a zip code or city, the user will be able to see a list of all available animals in a singular area.

Even more, one can filter the search for a specific breed of dog or cat. From there, the potential pet owner can also narrow their search by age, size, and color. PetFinder even offers users a free quiz in order to help them find the perfect pet.

If one’s looking for something as specific as a Russian Blue Cat — or a Golden Retriever puppy — PetFinder might be the place for you.

Local Shelters

The term ‘don’t shop, adopt’ is applicable here. There are countless shelters all over cities where poor animals have been hurt, abandoned, turned in, or victimized by a number of unexplainable circumstances.

Even sadder, many of these animals run the risk of being euthanized should they not be adopted. Ultimately, these animals need a home. Fees for adopting these animals as opposed to going through a breeder or a pet store will likely be far cheaper.

Most of the time, these animals are neutered as well as microchipped. The people running the said shelters will provide the potential owner with all the information they have — including medical records. Some shelters require appointments when visiting animals. Others will let people walk in to view them in-person. Normally, shelters will provide an online catalog with the pets available.

Many view this form of adoption as the purest and most benevolent.

Specialty Breeders

There are people who require a certain type of pet based upon living conditions — or even personal issues. Hypoallergenic cats and dogs aren’t overly common when it comes to searching shelters. The same can be said for ‘prized’ animals, or highly desired breeds.

As such, potential pet owners can go through breeders in order to get ‘purebred’ animals. While many frown upon this business, it could allow for the pet owner to get the specific type of animal they desire. However, one must realize that the process can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

Pet Stores

Pet stores might not have large quantites of dogs and cats. However, they will likely have other types of animals that might not be found at shelters.

Some of these animals include hamsters, gerbils, birds, lizards, snakes, fish, turtles, Chinchillas, ferrets, and guinea pigs (among others).

Pet Insurance

Pet owners normally will want to look into the option of pet insurance. The insurance plans might vary from state to state, though the insurance itself will also depend on the age of the animal, the size of the animal, and the zip code of the owner.

Pet insurance is a nice safety net in the event that one’s pet suffers some sort of injury — or needs a surgery. Costs can be as low as $10 a month. Duly, there are packages which bundle both renters insurance and pet insurance.

A quick look on any search engine will result in a potential free quote for your pet.

Image Source: Dogdorable