The Hottest Shoes & Stores Online

The internet is a great source when considering new shoes. The variety of shoes made available corresponds with the trends of the market. Of course, athletic footware is flying off the shelves at a high rate like always. All of the popular brands like Nike, Merrell, Adidas, Keds, Timberland, Sperry, and so much more, can all be found in one place. That place is online.

Duly, these online stores offer casual shoes, dressy shoes, high-end shoes, and everything in between. Whether it be shopping for functionality — or that exciting pair of heels for a date, this piece will showcase a number of places in which one can procure these shoes at a very affordable rate, all from your couch.


Upon accessing Target’s online store, one can see a number of deals boldly highlighted at the top of the website’s page. Though not considered a location with designer shoes, Target offers a wide variety of items with both affordablity and style.

Of course, Target has shoes for men, women, children, and toddlers. What’s even more impressive is the fact that some pairs of shoes will be offered online for less than $5. Target offers deals quite often, and these discounts will include price deductions on athletic shoes, heels, cross trainers, and much more.


Zappos is a wonderland as it pertains to online shoe shopping. Aside from shipping being completely free, the easy-to-use interface of Zappos’ website makes filtering your specifically desired shoe an absolute breeze.

Along with free shipping, Zappos offers customer support 24 hours a day/7 days a week — and also returns 365 days a year. The comprehensive nature of Zappos is really a sight to see. All of the popular/trendy brands are available here at the online store.


Designer Shoe Warehouse is as comprehensive an online store as one will find. The company offers every type of shoe imaginable — and mostly at a discounted price. Aside from daily deals, the website for DSW categories shoes by price, color, type, and brand.

Every major brand can be found here — and mostly at discounted prices. By signing up with the site (using an email), first-time users reportedly will get a $10 credit towards their initial purchase. DSW is passionate about taking the foremost safety measures. This includes contactless drop-offs, curbside pick-ups/returns, and a 90-day standard return policy.

Nordstrom Rack

If one’s in search of some high-end designer shoes at discounted prices, Nordstrom Rack is for you. The vast inventory here is chock-full of daily deals on what would normally be very expensive shoes. The online shopping experience for Nordstrom Rack is both seamless and effective.

Image Source: REI Co-Op