A Look at the Best Health and Fitness Trackers

A number of companies have been producing trackers aimed at charting one’s health progres. The goal is to allow the individual to monitor their progress as it pertains to running distance, calories burned, heart rate, and even sleep progress.

This piece will look at four specific trackers used to improve the experience of those wanting to get healthier.


Whoop is garnering plenty of hype as a high-level fitness tool. For as low as $30, Whoop users will be given a comfortable strap to put around their wrists. Linked to their SmartPhones, Whoop will measure a number of different things — including sleep performance, recovery, heart rate, and a host of other very impressive analytics.

The band itself has a 5-day battery life. It’s also waterproof, light, highly comfortable, and works tremendously with both phones and desktop computers to compute daily analytics on your own body. It even tells the user how much sleep is needed on a given night. The company prides itself in improving the collective health of its users (reduced resting heart rate, fewer injuries, less consumption of alcohol, better sleep).


In recent years, fitbit has been one of the more popular sources for measuring data on fitness. While Whoop might be more geared towards hardcore fitness individuals/athletes, fitbit is something that many ‘normal’ people enjoy.

The health and fitness app measures how many floors, miles, minutes, steps, and calories an individual achieved in a single day. There are also innovative sleeping tools, and tracking when it comes to exercise and activity. The sleep tool measures stages of being awake, a deep sleep, a light sleep, and REM.

Oura Ring

Oura Ring prides itself on being a premium product as it pertains to sleep. The product is adept at measuring sleep patterns, heart rate variability, and a comprehensive connection to one’s body.

Even more, Oura Ring is an official partner with the NBA. It tracks athletes in terms of bedtime, deep sleep time, latency, REM sleep, sleep efficiency, sleep score, sleep stages, time in bed, total sleep time, and wake-up time.


Garmin is a very impressive company which includes fitness products on a number of levels. Upon accessing the company’s website, prospective users will be introduced to various tools used for tracking fitness — including watches.

The Garmin Connect allows the user to sync with mobile and desktop devices. One can set goals, and monitor weeks of progress with neatly detailed charts. Additionaly, the variety of wrist implements aid in measuring caloric intake/loss, and weight management (among other tools).

Image Source: Wareable